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Vision, Expertise, Experience and Success

are the strength of our team.



Mark Campbell
MBA, President

As Vice President Finance for Ford Motor Company’s Land Development Division (2005 - 2011) and Operations Controller (2000 - 2005) for AutoAlliance (a Mazda / Ford Manufacturing Joint Venture), Mark learned first hand how to successfully manage multimillion-dollar capital projects that often span years. The key is developing customized metrics that accurately measure the health of a project and quickly identify developing issues. Upon retirement, this recognized expertise enabled Mark to create BCMC Consulting Inc. and negotiate a personal services contract  for implementing improved asset management processes across Ford’s Asia Pacific Region.  

Barbara Vasquez
Ph. D., Vice President

Barbara is NAUI Dive Instructor and has a passion for protecting the environment, in particular marine ecosystems. She has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and decades of experience first in basic research, then in R&D, in high tech companies (Motorola, Siemens) with a global footprint. On the technical side, she has generated over 40 patents and a large number of publications. On the management side, she has been responsible for teams engaged in complex, multinational projects, both in the US and as a resident in two other countries. She has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead projects to successful conclusions in multicultural, multinational environments. Since retiring, she has devoted her expertise and energy to protecting wildlife and habitat. 

Beverly Campbell
BA, Secretary & Treasurer

Beverly has always had a passion for nature and is a Master Gardener and Certified Florist. She initially spent 5 years working for one of the major international accounting firms. Since then she has spent her working career as an entrepreneur managing numerous successful small businesses including Accounting Services, Coffee and Bake Shop, Special Event Florist, and currently Property Management. Bev has volunteered for numerous organizations, including being Treasurer of the local Garden Club and Nursery School Cooperative. She is the proud mother of two daughters who both have successful careers of their own. She has been diving for about 20 years at reefs around the globe and has a long-term passion for saving the oceans.



Christian Lemouche
Director of Operations
Julio Herrera
President, Oceanic Cooperative

Christian has many advanced diving certifications, including PADI Specialty Dive Instructor, SCR Rebreather Instructor, CCR Rebreather Diver, and Water System Expert. It has been Christian’s passion to improve marine ecosystems by building and installing artificial reefs for over 12 years. His combined skills as a Master Diver and Master Plumber enabled him to develop flexible and inexpensive controlled buoyancy methods for moving extremely heavy objects in the ocean. This recognized expertise has prompted organizations to hire him to install large underwater statues and monuments in Nicaragua. One such customer commented that he is the only person in Nicaragua with this very unique skill set.  He has also identified the tragedy of unsafe diving practices used by poor fishermen in Nicaragua, which result in multiple injuries and deaths each year. He has voluntarily conducted simple dive safety classes for some fishermen’s cooperatives and has trained several locals to dive with safe methods and equipment. 

Julio Herrerra is currently President of the Oceanic Cooperative based in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. He has decades of fishing experience and has fished along the Pacific coasts of Central and South America. He has in-depth knowledge of both industrial and artisanal fishing methods with specific expertise in net construction for pelagic fish as well as shrimp and lobster. Julio holds a B.S. in engineering and is also skilled in graphic design and art in wood and concrete.

Kathleen Brugger
Director of Visual Media
Katie Brugger.jpg

Kathleen has a BA in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Northwestern University. She’s thrilled to be part of Teach a Man to Fish, which brings together her interests in science and the environment in a project to serve not only Nicaragua but the world. She moved to Nicaragua four years ago to be part of the educational foundation begun by her mother, Fundación A. Jean Brugger, which has been providing university scholarships to local youth for 20 years. Beginning her career in video 25 years ago, she filmed in the mountains of North Carolina for a popular nature series produced by her company, Time Capsule Video.
She moved into storytelling after starting a local weekly television program in Highlands, North Carolina in 2004, where she discovered a passion for bringing the work and mission of nonprofits to life in visual form.

CONSULTANTS, Teach A Man To Fish

Jason Goldstein
Ph. D., Research Director for
the Wells National Estuarine Research Reserve
roger retouched.jpeg
Roger Carpenter
Director of Communications 

Roger is a seasoned marketing specialist in branding, advertising, and corporate communications. He developed creative marketing materials for the home entertainment divisions of Warner Bros, Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Tri Star Pictures and Disney, and is responsible for the look of many classic films including “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “Planet of the Apes” and “Citizen Kane 35th Anniversary Edition.” He lives in Laramie, Wyoming and is the freelance Media Director for the Pedigree Stage Stop Race in Jackson, Wyoming.

Jason Goldstein is involved with research focused on crustacean ecology and biology and works extensively on clawed, spiny, and slipper lobster biology, behavior, physiology, and fisheries. As Research Director for Wells, he oversees the Wells Reserve’s fish studies, long-term environmental monitoring, and salt marsh restoration initiatives. Goldstein holds a doctorate in zoology from the University of New Hampshire, a master’s in marine ecology from Old Dominion University, and a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Massachusetts. He was a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Haifa in Israel. Goldstein has research and teaching affiliations at the University of New Hampshire and York County Community College in Maine.

What Makes Us Unique


Christian uses his controlled buoyancy devices to install a concrete base (2400 lbs.) and a statue (1200 lbs.) of the Virgin at 45-feet off the coast of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  (In Spanish)

The single greatest determinant of a successful project
is assembling the right diversity and skills,
where the team’s capability is greater than the sum of the parts, enhancing the chance of success.

Our all-volunteer organization has all the key skills.

Diving Expertise

Our team includes a Certified Diving Instructor, two Dive Masters and many members who have had a life-long passion for diving and preservation of healthy marine ecosystems. We are continuing to conduct diving certification classes for our local partners — members of the fishing cooperatives — free of charge.

Hands-On Experience

Using our personal funds and limited outside support, the team has tested all physical aspects of the artificial reef fabrication and installation processes. Over 100 artificial reefs are already favorably impacting local marine life. 

Buoyancy Control Expertise

Members of our team are recognized as the only people in Nicaragua that have the expertise and equipment for moving and installing extremely heavy objects in the ocean. As a result, we have been hired on several occasions by third parties for the installation of heavy and delicate objects in the ocean.

Scientific Support

The spiny lobster hatchery is the most technically and scientifically ambitious element of the pilot project.  We are fortunate to have the support of a globally recognized expert in the lifecycle, propagation and aquaculture of spiny lobsters, the type of lobster resident along both coasts of Nicaragua. 


Business and Finance Expertise

Our President has managed multimillion-dollar international capital projects that require several years to complete in his roles as Vice President, Finance and Controller, of a billion dollar global company. Over this time, he learned that the best project metrics naturally evolve from the projects' key processes and are not "one size fits all". As a result, we have the expertise to create the critical metrics necessary to accurately measure progress and keep the team focused on the keys to success.


Project Management Expertise

Our Vice President not only has scientific and engineering expertise, but also has over two decades of experience managing complex, multinational projects for large, high-tech corporations. She has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead projects to successful conclusions in multicultural, multinational environments. 

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