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Artificial Reefs Restore the Oceans

One year after the first artificial reef installation: ocean floor desert to a thriving marine ecosystem.

Installation of Labyrinth Reef #2 with custom Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) in Ostional Bay.

BCD approved.JPG

Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) at Ostional Bay.


A Proven way to Restore the Oceans

For over 4,000 years, artificial reefs have been a reliable way to restore marine habitats. Once an artificial reef is in place, Mother Nature takes over and no more maintenance is required. Our 4 years of research has proven simple cement and concrete blocks to be the most durable, inexpensive and effective artificial reefs. See time lapse video on the left that demonstrates how reefs quickly turn a sea desert into a reef teaming with local marine flora and fauna. Note our old design has been improved for the pilot project.


Bamboo Reinforcing  Win/Win 

The primary reason early versions of our Labyrinth Reefs failed was oxidation of the steel reinforcement bars caused by the exposure to sea water. Oxidation causes the steel to expand and break the surrounding concrete causing the artificial reef to disintegrate. Conversion to renewable bamboo for concrete reinforcement reduced costs and eliminated the only source of reef failure. With bamboo reinforcement, the current structure has no projected end-of-life due to materials or design.


Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) 

The primary reason we have been able to reduce the cost of reef installation by 80% is our unique, customized BCD. Virtually all reef installation companies use large commercial boats with cranes for installation. Lack of funds forced creativity to take over and resulted in a hand fabricated BCD that allows us to place extremely heavy objects precisely anywhere we want on the ocean floor (see facing video). Although admittedly strange looking, the BCD has proven very effective and follows the same physics and buoyancy principles as the most advanced submarines in the world.


Diving Expertise 

Naturally installing an artificial reef and lobster farm 40 feet deep on the ocean floor requires diving expertise. Our small core team has over 150 years of combined diving experience with two Dive Masters, one Dive Instructor and a collective passion for saving the oceans. Current local diving practices are extremely dangerous and result in numerous severe illnesses and deaths annually. TAMTF has offered free diving certification for several years and has certified 6 local people in diving with another 6 expected to be certified soon.

Labyrinth reefs: Two completed and waiting for installation plus two in production.

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