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Get Involved Today!

The Four Ways you can make a difference right now. 

Teach A Man To Fish restores marine habitat and benefits local
artisanal fishermen in Nicaragua.

Your generous donation will help

fund one of the many TAMTF projects now restoring the marine
ecosystems along the Nicaraguan coast, improving the lives of local fishermen and their families.

A Lobster Casita will be home to

lobsters in the aquaculture operation TAMTF is building to help local artisanal fishermen’s cooperatives transition from wild catch to more sustainable marine farming.

These 1,300 lb artificial reefs are

quickly colonized by local marine plants and animals. They provide shelter from predators and protected nurseries, including for some
of the most heavily overfished species.

This beautifully crafted concrete

lobster tail is a functional lobster house and several times larger than the basic Lobster Casita. Several are already installed along the SW Nicaraguan coastline!

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When you adopt a reef, you will receive a photo of the reef that you adopted with your hand-painted name on it
before it is installed on the ocean floor.

Contact us when you plan to visit Nicaragua and Learn to Dive!

You could learn to dive and participate in the sinking of your reef, or just come see the work TAMTF is doing with your help
to restore the marine ecosystems off the coast of Nicaragua!

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