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What Makes Us Unique

The single greatest determinant of a successful project
is assembling the right diversity and skills,
where the team’s capability is greater than the sum of the parts, enhancing the chance of success.

Our all-volunteer organization has all the key skills.

Christian Lemouche has been installing artificial reefs along the Pacific Coast of Central America for 12 years. His passion, motivation, and creativity brought together a diverse team of volunteers dedicated to helping the oceans and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods.  


Christian uses his controlled buoyancy devices to install a concrete base (2400 lbs.) and a statue (1200 lbs.) of the Virgin at 45-feet off the coast of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.  (In Spanish)


Christian uses his buoyancy technology to move and submerge a statue of Jesus in Nicaragua's volcanic lake, Laguna de Apoyo, at a depth of 60 feet.

Diving Expertise

Our team includes a Certified Diving Instructor, two Dive Masters and many members who have had a life-long passion for diving and preservation of healthy marine ecosystems. In addition, we have the support of the premier local dive shop. We will be conducting diving certification classes for our partners — the fishing cooperatives — free of charge.

Hands-On Experience

Using our personal funds and limited outside support, the team has tested all physical aspects of the artificial reef fabrication and installation processes. Over 100 artificial reefs are already favorably impacting local marine life. 

Buoyancy Control Expertise

Members of our team are recognized as the only people in Nicaragua that have the expertise and equipment for moving and installing extremely heavy objects in the ocean. As a result, we have been hired on several occasions by third parties for the installation of heavy and delicate objects in the ocean.

Skilled Local Team Members

Our local team members have successfully negotiated with the Nicaraguan government for the first-ever licensing of a long-term concession on the ocean floor.

Scientific Support

We have several marine biologists with extensive real-world experience around the globe.  The lobster hatchery we are developing has the volunteer technical support of two globally recognized experts in the propagation of spiny lobsters, the type of lobster resident along both coasts of Nicaragua. 


Business and Finance Expertise

As the Vice President of a billion dollar global company, our President has over ten years of experience managing multimillion-dollar international capital projects that require several years to complete. Over this time, he has learned that the best project metrics naturally evolve from the projects key processes and are not one size fits all. As a result, we have the expertise to create the key metrics necessary to accurately measure progress and keep the team focused on the keys to success.


Project Management Expertise

Our Vice President not only has scientific and engineering expertise, but also has over two decades of experience managing complex, multinational projects for large, high-tech corporations. She has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to lead projects to successful conclusions in multicultural, multinational environments. 

Open Water Hatchery Upwelling Expertise

One of our team members is an ongoing participant in the Suffolk Project Aquaculture Team in Southold, New York, which is one of the only hatchery facilities for eastern oysters, clams and scallops.
He was an active participant in the building of Floating Upwell Systems (FLOPSIES) which support growing shellfish from larvae to adulthood. This upwelling system is very similar to the prototype upwelling system we are developing for our lobster hatchery.