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Protecting Oceans to Feed Our Children.

Pilot Project


Over the last two years, we have built and installed over 100 artificial reefs to test various designs and processes, so the physical part of this project
has been fully proven out. Our next step is to implement a Pilot Project that will not only test the physical processes, but also the business model for purpose-built marine aquaculture operations. 



TAMTF sustainability has two synergistic elements that are essential to the success of each other – environmental and economic. The environmental element comes from improving local marine ecosystems by installing and protecting artificial reefs. The economic element comes from improving the local fishermen’s coop harvest and revenue in exchange for reef protection.

Spirit of the Reef

This initiative is the dream of one man — Christian Lemouche —
who is a Master Diver and has been involved with building and installing artificial reefs for over 12 years.
It is Christian’s passion, motivation,
and creativity that brought together a diverse team of volunteers dedicated to helping the oceans and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods.