Protecting Oceans to Feed Our Children.

Pilot Project


The pilot project has been funded and launched in SW Nicaragua, with all metrics currently favorable to budgeted targets. Custom tooling for moving the heaviest artificial reefs to the ocean floor is fully operational. All three operating systems for the wind-powered floating hatchery are fully functional with installation and initial hatchery seeding expected shortly.



TAMTF sustainability has two synergistic elements that are essential to the success of each other – environmental and economic. The environmental element comes from improving local marine ecosystems by installing and protecting artificial reefs. The economic element comes from improving the local fishermen’s coop harvest and revenue in exchange for reef protection.

Jungle Ingenuity

A comprehensive video showing
 the pilot project that will lead to the fulfillment of our long-term vision to create a scalable inexpensive business model that can be easily replicated anywhere.
When perfected in a few years this model will be offered free to the world to provide real momentum to restoration of coastal marine life everywhere.


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